Company provides various services on the wide range of problems, connected first of all with the power saving and the rise of efficiency of fuel-energy resources utilization in the process of extraction, production, transmission and transportation, distribution and rational utilization of the resources on the fuel and energy complex enterprises, construction companies, housing and communal services and enterprises of various fields of economics.

The wide range of services includes: power audit, projection, construction, setting up, diagnostics of equipment and buildings, examination of industrial safety, examination of heat and electrical power rates, rates of electrical power transmission, of transportation of natural gas, of housing and communal services, business-plan working out, ecological audit, financial audit and assessment and many other services.


Our Services

Halite Expert provides services to the industrial companies and municipal organizations for the realization of engineering support of production, distribution and efficient use of the energy resources.

Power inspection according to the standard programs and methods with the use of the main standard-technical documents.

Examination of the changes in consumption of the power resources during the 24 hours, days and months and changes of the consumption characteristics during the last 3 years in comparison with the base year.

Development of the energy registration certificate of the building - the substantiating document for the economic incitement of the power saving (preferential taxation, crediting, grants, etc) and objective estimation of the cost in the housing market.