Obligatory power inspection

As a part of the Federal Law "About Energy Saving" 03/04/96

The complete system of the legal, administrative and economic actions is necessary for the stimulation of the power usage efficiency. It provides

  • Change of the existed norms, rules and orders which determine the expenditure of the fuel and power according to the Law "About technical regulation"
  • Realization of the regular power audit of the enterprise ( obligatory for the budget companies)
  • Production of the additional economic incentive of the energy saving

The instrument of Municipal politics will be the support of the specialized business in energy saving which is still weak in Russia.

Inspection Also instrumental, of the power energy management of the companies (power audit)

Analysis of the technical economical indicators of the company , rates and the efficiency of the fuel and power usage

Power economic audit In the enterprises of the fuel power complex, power consuming companies, etc

Expert examination of the materials For the basing of the rates for the electric and heat energy in Russia

Technological audit in the budget and municipal objects , industrial companies and the agroindustrial complex, on the electric transport

Expert examination of the materials in consideration of the disagreements related to the state rate regulations of the electric and heat power in Russia

Financial economic analysis of the energy saving organizations considering the usage of the tariff gains

Expert estimation of the power efficient projects

Examination of the economical validity of the expenses for electric-power transmission

Energy Strategy of Russia

The aim of the state in the sphere of power saving is strict and absolute achievement of selected strategic guiding lines of power efficiency growth - using the wide range of regulating and stimulating means of influence on power resources consumers.

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