The company "Halite-expert" is glad to welcome you on our site and to offer a brief review about the company and the services it provides.

Halite-expert is a young and rapidly developing company offering a wide range of services to the enterprises of various fields of fuel and energy complex and housing and communal services.

Today in the field of "Power engineering" the company's main tasks are connected with the problems of the power grid reforming, mass transfer of generation and sale to the wholesale electric power market, the problems of costs reduction, estimation of market value of business, withdrawal of nonspecialized kinds of business, and with such traditional technical problems as reduction of emissions of thermoelectric power stations, ecology management as a whole, increase of the power efficiency of production, examination of industrial safety, application of new technologies of heat and power energy production by means of working up technical and economic assessments and business plans for investment projects on application of innovative technologies of electric power and heat energy production.

In "Gas industry" field ( this sector will have changes in management of "Gazprom" jsc and here was made a decision about development of proper electric generating capacity) Halite-expert develops feasibility studies and business plans for investment projects for implementation of proper electric capacities, increases of the production energy efficiency, revelation of the energy saving potential, reduces electric costs in extraction and transportation of gas, reduces other industrial costs, increase efficiency, deals with environmental actions, industrial security, development of recording systems for energy carriers, diagnostics of electric equipment condition, etc.

In oil and oil-refining industry interests of Halite-expert are grouped in solution of such problems: increase of efficiency of fuel and energy resources usage during oil extraction, transportation and processing; resource saving, development of investment projects, including feasibility studies and business plans preparation in construction of mini heat and power stations, gas turbine and gas piston energy units.

In construction, municipal services and industry where energy saving is also very important interests of the company are: reduce of the power cost price and municipal services; rate examination of energy carriers; analysis of contracts and systems of the used heat and electric power rates; examination of calculations for normative standards for fuel resources, standards for specific discharge rates of heat and electric power, standards for process losses during power transmission with development of feasibility studies of the alternative power supplies; problems of working with wholesale energy markets.

Among our new services there are such as audit of financial activity, estimation of real estate, equipment and business of the fuel and energy enterprises, cooperation with companies in wholesale energy market, etc.

Halite-expert company is a member of many social organizations and has received many awards and diplomas. The company participates in different federal and regional programs and social life of Russia.

You can find all information in our web-site. We'd like to answer all your questions, remarks and wishes.

Energy Strategy of Russia

The aim of the state in the sphere of power saving is strict and absolute achievement of selected strategic guiding lines of power efficiency growth - using the wide range of regulating and stimulating means of influence on power resources consumers.

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